I am Eve, deceived by Satan’s lies.

I am Joseph’s brothers, motivated by jealousy.

I am Moses, offering excuses to God for why I don’t do His will.

I am David, trying to cover up my sins.

I am Job, speaking boldly when I should not.

I am the tribe of Judah, bowing down before false gods.

I am Jonah, running away from my responsibilities.

I am Paul, persecuting Christ with my sin.

Yet, despite what I am…

There is the love and grace of the Great I AM.

And because of Him…

I have hope.

And can become.

I can become Eve, vindicated by the righteous seed.

I can become Joseph’s brothers, touched by the hand of forgiveness.

I can become Moses, bathed in God’s glory.

I can become David, rediscovering the joy of my salvation.

I can become Job, blessed with a superfluity of God’s blessings .

I can become the tribe of Judah, fully restored.

I can become Jonah, successful after learning the value of cooperation.

I can become Paul, finding the sufficiency of God’s grace.

There is only one thing standing in the way of what I am and what I can become.